Wire Harness Design

Our competencies include electrologic, design, modification, harness fixing, drawing.

Aircom_wire and harness design_banner-image.jpg

Our scope of activities:

  • Electrologic, design, modification, harness fixing, drawing

  • Providing of schematics (electrical connections)

  • Creation of component databases and Pinnung and connections

  • Layout (create, relocate, modify and analyze harnesses, creation of libraries for electrical and non-electrical components)

  • Harness 3D design

  • Filling the CLS library (components and symbol database)

  • 3D constructions of electrics and mechanics (CATIA V5, stp, igs, etc.)

  • Positioning the electrical and mechanical components and fixing elements

  • Laying the wire harness with logical connection to the electrical components

  • Vehicle electrical system simulation (modeling, validation and evaluation)

  • Analysis of the harness components as well as the individual wire lengths and ways

  • Collision investigation between harness and space models

  • Joining the design and the electrology with the VOBES under the CAx data management system HyperKVS

  • Creating technical drawings with the help of Ldorado

  • CATIA V5 Electrical Harness Installation (EHI) and Electrical Library Product (ELB)

  • Creation of harness component BOM

  • Creation of a production drawing