Aircom Vision

Aircom strives to be a worldwide leader in comprehensive production and delivery of tire repair kits for OEMs. We are heading in that direction thanks to our experience, know-how, and factories located all over the world.

With our simple, fast and defect-free motto, we define tasks for our development. It applies both at the introduction of technological innovations and the optimisation of existing products as well as at the designing of completely new products. We achieve customers' satisfaction through the maximal optimisation of functions, quality, and costs of projects and production of our product range and the focus on meeting their expectations. Frequently in the planning and development of our concepts, we consciously co-operate with partners beyond the industry. Releasing creation-related barriers of the automotive industry standards enables us to create complex grounds for the development and analysis of a variety of concepts.

We want to deliver a high-quality product to our partners so that the Aircom brand is a synonym of infallibility, trustworthiness, and the innovative approach.
We also want to be a reliable business partner and employer and an active participant in the social life wherever we create our products.
— Aircom Mission
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Innovative yet simple

Thanks to our rule Keep it simple we are continuously improving capacity and efficiency of our company and become more and more innovative

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Short lead times, faster quality improvement and the quick expansionistic growth are the resources that contribute to the continuous innovation and the long term success

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We don’t let mistakes happen, as we actively prevent them from the start