PRIVACY POLICY AND INFORMATION ON COOKIES FILES (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”)


We take care of your privacy and process your data in accordance with the applicable provisions, including Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), hereinafter referred to as: “GDPR”. In connection with the use of our website at: (hereinafter referred to as: “Website”) we hereby inform you about the detailed rules of processing of your personal data by Aircom Automotive sp. z o.o. sp. k. as well as about using cooking files.

Who processes your personal data?

The controller of the personal data processed in connection with the use of Website is Aircom Automotive sp. z o.o. sp. k. with its registered office in Pietrzykowice (ul. Fabryczna 20B, 55 – 080 Pietrzykowice), entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław, 9th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS number: 0000469603, NIP no.: 8961534988, REGON no.: 022209579, hereinafter referred to as “Company” or “Aircom”.

How can you contact us?

If you have any question, please contact us by post at the a/m address of the Company’s registered office or by e-mail at:

What data are processed by means of the Website?

  • General information

In connection with the use of the Website we process data related to the users’ visits on the Website, e.g. IP address, information on the browser used by the user and subsites visited by them as well as on the duration of the visit on the Website.

We do not usually process personal data or combine the a/m data with personal data of users. Personal data of users can be processed only if they are provided voluntary by the user, for example to contact us via Website or social media we use.

  • Social media

We use the following social media:

  • Facebook,

  • Instagram,

  • Twitter,

  • LinkedIn,

  • Xing.

In case you contact us by means of our social media (e.g. by placing information on our board or giving comments on our posts), this entity becomes a separate controller of your personal data and can store your personal data in their cookies files. In such a case your personal data are stored on a server of this entity and will be processed based on the portal’s terms and conditions, by means of which you contacted us. It means that in such a case your personal data can be processed also outside the European Economic Area. Information on data processing by selected social media can be found on their websites, e.g.: Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing.

Nevertheless, we still remain the controller of your personal data processed to answer the received messages and comments as well as to improve communication and support relations. In this respect we can process your data such as e.g. name and surname, nickname, image, public profile.

  • Google Analytics

To obtain information on how to improve our Website and adjust it to the requirements of the users we can apply various analytical devices to verify the use of the Website, in particular Google Analytics.

Google Analytics collects data by means of cookies files. Detailed information on the application of the cookies files on the Website can be found below. Data acquired by means of Google Analytics are processed on Google servers, which means that they are also processed outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

In general, data acquired by us when using Google Analytics are anonymous data. These data do not allow to identify a specific person and they are not connected with other data collected by us, in particular with personal data provided by you.

The operation of Google Analytics on the Website can be blocked. It can however influence the Website’s functionality and the way it is displayed on your computers. More information on the rules of data processing within Google Analytics and the possibility to block Google Analytics can be found at the Google websites related to Google Analytics.

What is the purpose and legal basis for the processing of your personal data?

We process data acquired by means of the Website for the following purposes:

a)      to answer the questions put by means of the Website, including contact form or social media we use (legal basis: Article 6 para. 1 subpara. b) and f) of the GDPR),

b)      to send a newsletter or other commercial information based on a voluntary granted consent (legal basis: Article 6 para. 1 subpara. a) of the GDPR, Article 10 of the Act on provision of services by electronic means and Article 172 of the Polish Law on telecommunications),

c)      statistical, analytical, marketing and promotional purposes, i.a. to the extent to which we adjust the Website and advertisements displayed on the Website to the users’ preferences or analyse the movement on the Website and social media, including the use of Google Analytics (legal basis: Article 6 para. 1 subpara. f) of the GDPR),

d)      regardless of the a/m processing purposes we can process the acquired data also to exercise or defence legal claims based on the legitimate interest of the controller (Article 6 para. 1 subpara. f) of the GDPR).

How do we process data?

We make sure that the processing of personal data acquired by the Website is transparent and that all data collected in such a way are processed only to the extent necessary to pursue the a/m purposes and stored for the period necessary to perform these purposes.

All personal data provided by the user will be processed only for the purpose for which they have been provided, unless the user gives another consent to process their personal data for other purposes.

Who can we transfer your personal data to?

Personal data can be transferred to entities we cooperate with, including entities providing IT or legal services as well as to entities related to the Company.

Can your personal data be transferred outside the European Economic Area?

The acquired data can be transferred also to third countries, i.e. outside the European Economic Area. In such a case the transfer of data shall take place based on appropriate safeguards in accordance with the applicable provisions on personal data protection.

Is the provision of your personal data mandatory?

The provision of personal data by means of the Website is voluntary at any time, but it is necessary to contact us, subscribe a newsletter or use other electronic services available at the Website. In such a case a non-provision of personal data will make it impossible to contact you, send you a newsletter or to provide other electronic services available at the Website.

Data collected by means of cookies files are stored automatically. There is however a possibility to block or to change the settings of cookies files. More information can be found in the Section Information on cookies files.

How long do we store your personal data?

Data acquired by means of the Website are usually stored for the period of 50 months. We can however store your personal data to exercise or to defence legal claims for the limitation period of claims as the legitimate interest of the controller.

What rights do you have in connection with the processing of your personal data?

People whose personal data are processed by us by means of the Website have the following rights:

  • right to request access to personal data,

  • right to rectify personal data,

  • right to delete personal data,

  • right to limit the processing,

  • right to raise objection against processing,

  • right to transfer personal data,

  • right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, i.e. President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

If we process your personal data based on your consent to process data you have the right to withdraw any of your consents. The withdrawal of your consent does not influence the legal conformity of the processing performed based on the consent granted before the withdrawal.

In all matters related to the changes in your personal data or the execution of your rights related to the processing of your personal data you can contact us at:

Information on cookies files

We use cookies files on the Website. When you use the Website without changing the settings of cookies files, it means that you give your consent to use these files by us. We inform you about the cookies files when you visit the Website for the first time.

What are cookies files?

Cookies files (so called “cookies”) are IT data saved and stored in the final device of the user when visiting our Website. Cookies files include mostly such data as: website address, storage period of the files in the final device and unique number.

Cookies files do not introduce any modifications in your devices or applied software.

Data collected by means of cookies files are stored automatically. There is however a possibility to block them – information below.

What are cookies files used for?

We use cookies files for the following purposes:

  • to optimize the Website and make it easier for users to use our Website (for example by saving the users’ preferences on the Website, as a result we also speed up the operation of the Website, adjust it to the browser or devices used by the user),

  • for statistical and analytical purposes (we check how users use the Website and then we improve the layout of the Website and available functionalities),

  • for marketing and promotional purposes (cookies files enable us to adjust the content on the Website, including advertisements, to the users’ preferences).


Cookies files are also used by social media and Google Analytics and you will be informed about them in this Policy. In such case cookies files are also collected and stored by external entities on grounds of separates rules.

What is the legal basis for using cookies files?

The legal basis for using cookies files is Article 173 of the Polish Law on telecommunications and your consent.

What types of cookies files do we use?

We use two types of cookies files:

  1. session (temporary) – they are usually stored to the moment of closing a browser or leaving the Website,

  2. permanent – they are stored for a period specified in their parameters (this period may vary depending on the type of cookies files used) or by the time of their deletion by the user in the browser’s history.

How to change the settings of cookies files?

Without changing the settings cookies files are stored automatically in the memory of the device used by you when visiting our Website.

The rules of saving and storing cookies files can be changes according to the preferences or you can totally block the storage of cookies files on your device. Detailed information on blocking or changing the settings of cookies files can be found on support websites of the most popular browsers, for example for Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that blocking cookies files or changing their settings may cause the Website or some functionalities available on the Website to be displayed incorrectly.

Intellectual property rights on the Website

All content included on the Website, i.a. photos, graphics and texts, are protected by copyrights or other intellectual property rights of Aircom Automotive sp. z o.o. sp. k. and cannot be copied, published or otherwise processed or used without prior written consent of Aircom Automotive sp. z o.o. sp. k.

Final provisions

The use of the Website shall mean the acceptance of terms and conditions included in this Policy.

Aircom Automotive sp. z o.o. sp. k. reserves the possibility to change this Policy by publishing its new version on the Website and providing the date of its entry into force.


This Policy shall enter into force on 14.10.2018.