Aircom Plastic


Technologies (PCT)


░ About Aircom PCT


Aircom PCT (Plastic Chemical Technologies) was established in Pietrzykowice, Poland, in 2018. We want to develop chemical knowledge and deep understanding of material side. Our goal is to create plastic parts inhouse and keep extending a group of customers. Our scope of activities includes components and product services.


·         Plastic Tools for White Goods

·         Plastic Tools for Aircom AS

·         Tire Sealant for Aircom AS

·         Elastomers for Aircom AS

·         High tech plastics

Product Services:

·         Touch-panel for White Goods (lacquered plastic cover with electronics)

·         Plastic tools making

·         Plastic tool concepts

·         Technical analyze for customers and products

·         Flow simulations

·         Injection molding

Polymers we develop:

·         PEEK (Polyether ether ketone)

·         PPS (Polyphenylene sulfide)