Aircom Automotive Systems (AS)


░ About Aircom AS


Aircom AS (Automotive Systems) was established in Pietrzykowice, Poland and Nanjing, China in 2018. We are the strategic system supplier for the automotive industry. Aircom AS unlike its competitors is distinguished by a different approach and philosophy. We offer a whole functional system for our customers; therefore, we are a unique, irreplaceable, and strategic partner. As a T1 supplier Aircom has a comprehensive know-how. Thanks to the experts working for our company Aircom is closely connected with its customers, building deep and reliable relationship with its business partners.

Our scope of activities includes components and product services.


  • Electric Motors (DC and AC)

  • Air Compressor

  • Manometer

  • Solenoid valves with pressure sensor

  • Tire pressure sensors

  • Cable assembly

  • Tire valves for tire pressure control

Product Services:

  • Tire Mobility Kit (air compressor with sealant)

  • Air supply systems for off-road and truck seats (seat compressor with control unit and software)

  • Air suspension system (compressor with solenoid valves, sensors, mounting, control unit and software)

  • Electric power steering (brushless motor with power electronics, control unit and software)

  • Tire pressure monitoring system (pressure sensor with battery and antenna, control unit with antenna, software)